Watering Spike

Watering spikes is definately a functional accent to your garden decor.Your houseplants may have a lot of sunlight in their window location, but if you cannot find the time to water them consistently, they will eventually die. Busy lives and periodic vacations make it difficult to keep up with plant watering. Watering spikes provide a constant supply of seeping water by a self-watering system with a bottle of water feeding it. Our handmade home decorative self watering terracotta clay spike for slow watering of plants with very fine finish. Terracotta or fired clay items are handmade with water mixed with clay and then various shapes and designs are made painstakingly by our artisans. These are then fired in electric kiln for more than 24 hour to make them hard. These are then painted by hand with very fine finish.It contains decorations and plant watering,definately is a good choice for your garden decor.

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